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A lot of us would like to be notified when one of our favourite websites adds new content but RSS is a way that you can get that information without subscribing and giving out your email address.

Millions of websites all over the world have an RSS Feed - just look for the orange logo.

To get notified about changes to a website you need to add a URL to your email program or browser and if you are already a fan of RSS you will know how to do this.

If you are new to RSS we suggest you use one of the following options:

If you use Mozilla Thunderbird for your email you can get the instructions to add a feed here.

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook for your email you can get the instructions to add a feed here

You can also add RSS feeds to all the popular browsers but the easiest method is to use a dedicated reader and we recommend Feedreader.

You can download the Feedreader Installer at

But, if you prefer not to download programs to your computer or you use multiple devices you can use Feedreader OnlineOf course the disadvantage is that you have to go online to view your feeds whereas with the Feedreader app you will receive a notification on your desktop when a change occurs.

To get notifications on changes to this website simply copy and paste this URL into your reader:


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